Robert Huitt for Council 2016

Coastal Parks PlanWe are very fortunate that most of our magnificent coastline is publicly owned parkland which is accessible by a (nearly) continuous trail. The goals of the California Coastal Act, public access and resource protection, are well served by the park and trail. Maintaining and completing them as outlined in the Coastal Parks Plan should be a top priority for the City and the centerpiece of our Local Coastal Program.

Walkable PG. One of the things I love about PG is that it’s a great place to walk. While most of our streets that have significant car traffic have sidewalks, there are still many gaps and deficiencies, like the ones on Forest and Sunset that are identified in the SR68 Corridor Study. I have been a strong and consistent advocate for increased funding for pedestrian infrastructure improvements, including as a major element of the TAMC Transportation Safety and Investment Plan. 

PG treasures: Lighthouse, Museum and Library. Pacific Grove is blessed with remarkable historic assets, including the oldest continuously operating lighthouse on the West Coast, a Carnegie Library dating back to 1908, and a Museum of Natural History that is widely considered one of the best small museums in the country. While these are City-owned properties, the restoration, maintenance and operation of them has relied on effective partnerships with dedicated volunteers and private organizations. I have always supported and encouraged such partnerships, and will continue to do so.

 Appropriate development and Project Bella. Development is essential to the economic health of our community, but it has to be appropriate development. I supported Measure X because I believe hotel use is appropriate for the ATC site. As for the proposed Project Bella, a thorough EIR (paid for by the developer) will allow the community to assess the plans and consider the potential impacts as the project moves through the review process.

Short-term vacation rentals. I’m very concerned about the impacts of short-term vacation rentals on residential neighborhoods and affordable housing, and more generally, whether allowing them is consistent with the City Charter and General Plan and the intent of the voters when they enacted Measures C and U. That’s why I voted against the ordinance earlier this year. Now that it has been in effect for several months, we should undertake an evaluation of the ordinance, including the effectiveness and cost of enforcement.                 

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